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Dotcad is an IT infrastructure and technology services company serving large enterprises and mid-market customers. Our experts provide unrivalled design, integration, and management capabilities to hundreds of customers across industries.
Since our founding, more than 3 decades ago, we have diversified from a products company to a full-menu IT services company. Our deep understanding of infrastructure, associated costs, implementation skills, and financing, sets us apart and makes us unique in our ability to provide templatised and customized IT solutions as-a-service.

30+ Years of Excellence

Over three decades of delivering cutting-edge IT solutions and services.

1000+ Projects Completed

Successfully completed thousands of projects across various industries.

500+ Trusted Partners

Partnering with numerous top technology companies worldwide.

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Elevate Your IT with Dotcad

At Dotcad, our goal is to be your top technology partner, focused on enhancing customer experiences through innovative IT solutions. Originally a product-based company, we have transformed into a comprehensive IT solutions provider, celebrated for our unparalleled expertise in design, integration, and management. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and a customer-first approach have led to enduring relationships and successful projects across diverse industries.

Our Technology Partners

Our Approach

Our method involves detailed planning and dynamic execution to achieve the best outcomes.

Refresh / Afresh

Optimization, agility, and flexibility

The growth of your business has been consistent, which has led to the organic expansion of your applications and IT infrastructure. However, certain components are now facing issues such as end-of-life, redundancy, capacity constraints, or a sprawl of applications that are non-interoperable. In response, your business requires agility and flexibility, calling for a comprehensive view of your operations for a revamp or technology refresh. 

We offers a breadth of services and solutions that encompass auditing and assessment of capacities, and consolidation of workloads, thus enabling the much-needed optimization, agility, and flexibility to meet your business’s digital IT needs. In the event that you do not possess any legacy systems, and your project needs an experienced partner for ground-up project management, we can provide our assistance. Our team of subject matter experts collaborates with you to fulfill your project stage requirements until the deployment go live stage. Our services encompass passive networks, data center builds, compute and storage, endpoints, security, signages, and boardroom solutions.



Optimize your workloads


Achieving the perfect balance in the deployment of workloads is the key to unlocking the full potential of your IT operations. In today’s ever-evolving landscape, simply migrating workloads to the public cloud is no longer enough. A critical analysis of where these workloads should be deployed is essential to ensure maximum performance and cost effectiveness. 

At Dotcad, our team of experts is dedicated to working closely with you to optimize your workloads, using a range of hybrid cloud technologies that include cost assessment, future growth, and redeployment plans. With our help, you can take your IT operations to the next level and achieve your business goals with confidence.


Ensuring financial feasibility

Achieving optimal cost efficiency in IT operations remains a paramount goal for Chief Information Officers (CIOs). Budgetary allocations are therefore aimed at deploying strategies that are aligned with business goals, while ensuring financial feasibility To attain the objectives of reducing operational costs, guaranteeing predictable cash flows, and generating positive returns on investments, a comprehensive analysis of IT operations, available options, and accurate simulations is imperative.

Our organization’s extensive expertise in these areas has been harnessed by leading marquee customers to make informed decisions about their long-term IT investments.

Restrict & Recover

Prevention is better than cure

Having a first line of defence is crucial for perimeter, endpoint, and application security to protect against known attacks. Dotcad offers a wide range of solutions to ensure top-level protection, with a portfolio of leading data protection technology providers that cater to your business needs and service levels. However, in the event of data loss, service unavailability, or other disasters, recovery becomes necessary. 

It’s not enough to just protect your data, but it must be continuously protected, and recovery times should be minimal. While data protection and anti-malware solutions serve as a good first line of defence, a recovery strategy that outlines the return time and return point is essential. Management expects IT to ensure that recovery from disruptive events is immediate. Our technology services and partners help you deploy a robust recovery strategy, ensuring recovery times that align with your RTO & RPO.


Data Centre & IT Infrastructure Relocation

Dotcad offers a specialized service for relocating IT infrastructure from one datacenter facility to another. Our expertise includes providing end-to-end fit-outs for datacenters, which includes smart racks, civil, electrical, networking, and allied accessories. 

We also handle rack-out and transportation, re-stuffing, and power-up.

Our Customers

Why Choose

Start Small

Take your early steps in creating an efficient IT infrastructure which is responsive to business needs which operates at lower costs.

Invest For Growth

Your business is rapidly growing .We provide industry proven solutions for branch, mobile and rem flexible capacity solutions.

Look for alternate consumption Methods

Operating leases, Re managed services such as print or cloud are a part of our portfolio, giving you options from Capex based to Opex based IT consumption.

Put it all together : Services

Whether it is consulting, designing and integrating or management and operation, Dotcad provides a rich portfolio of services in combine partners to ensure that your investments are protected, available and optimal.

Procure runrate IT

Not every IT requirement is a project. Your regular needs for devices or infrastructure are handled by a dedicated team who quickly turn arou prices and deliveries.


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