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Businesses are leveraging IT for creating efficiency, flexibility and agility in the operating models. Markets and competitive pressures are forcing business to be able to react with lightning speed as also forcing lines of businesses to remain alert and proactive. These conditions are forcing organisations to change and adapt to these by leveraging information technologies for speedy execution, innovation of business models and building efficiencies that lower costs. Whether your organisation is into sales and distribution, manufacturing or services, adoption of digital platforms are helping to redesign business and operating models. At Dotcad we have been closely working with a wide range of industry leaders over the past three decades and more so now in helping create agile and flexible IT environments to help them innovate, deploy and respond faster.


On Premises


Legacy IT investments are now bottlenecks & hampering the agility and flexibility required in your IT infrastructure. There is an urgent need to consolidate workloads in order to reduce the overall footprint leading to efficiencies in the Datacenter, power and management. This requires assessment, design and migration to virtual environments and helps you to conserve budgets for more innovative projects.

Protect and Recover

Loss of data or services cause irreparable damage to business & reputation of the organisation. A data protection and business continuity plan mitigates the impacts of such events. Leverage our expertise to design and deploy backup and DR solutions in line with your business needs.


Compliance today is being driven by regulation, governance and risk management. Your foreign customers are driving compliance norms to ensure that your processes are in line with international standards. Your own intellectual property needs to comply to the managements security needs & in these areas Dotcad helps design architectures which meet these demands.


Today’s business environments are demanding an agile IT. If your business is undergoing rapid transformation or business scenarios that put pressures on IT, you may be an ideal candidate for using composable infrastructure which meets your need of agility & flexibility on the fly. Our composable infrastructure solutions are ideally suited for such needs. Flexible options are available to pay as you use or outright purchase.


Your users are required to work from anywhere and perhaps using personal devices. This is forcing you to relook at traditional deployment scenarios. The IT infrastructure seeks to transform itself by leveraging mobility and client virtualisation technologies for which we are uniquely positioned.


Whether wired, wi-fi or connecting your remote offices and branches, connectivity today is the key to productivity. Performance at an affordable cost is helping business to remain competitive. LAN and WAN solutions from Dotcad are helping organisations achieve this with intelligent edge and branch connectivity solutions.


Traditional 3 tier architectures are now being replaced by Hyper-converged solutions. Your next datacenter refresh requires a thorough examination of how hypeconverged offerings from Dotcad help you in achieving efficiencies, agility economically. We offer a choice of platforms, to suit your various business use cases and technology requirements.


Power your enterprise with industry-leading solutions

Alternate methods of consumption

Flexible Capacity

This is a unique offering for organisations, wishing to move away from capex and capacity management. This solution offers a pay-as-you use option in an opex mode with easy capacity augmentation through change management. No need to seek budgets every time you need to upgrade or add workloads. A change management request will quickly meet your change requirements. Save time, effort and eliminate long lead times to deliver faster to business. Interact with us for a detailed understanding of how this works.

“Everything”-as a service

Whether managed print and supplies, backup, disaster recovery or flexible capacity, Dotcad offers an extended catalogue of “everything as a service”. Out of the box or customised, convert your IT spends into predictable and cost effective opex solutions.


Working capital is best deployed in your core business. Your management is pushing to conserve cash and operating budgets are easier to get approved, for. Dotcad offers a range of creative financing solutions along with our partners to facilitate this. These offerings extend to refresh and renew options including compliant disposal of your e-waste.

Off Premises

Hybrid Cloud

The dust around cloud has settled. Your cloud strategy will encompass private and public clouds. Strategic discussions with us around suitability of workloads are encouraged. Engage with us for an industry view, best practices and execution of hybrid clouds.

DR-as a service

Your business needs protection against disaster. A continuity strategy will hold your business in good stead. Investments in the cloud to enable this provide economical and quick solutions without having to invest in own infrastructure or datacenters.


Automated and the shared services model, answers your need for an economical and efficient backup strategy. Off load your backups to us which we will manage as a service.

Services Portfolio

Data Center Consulting & Build

A fresh datacenter build, or a revamp of your existing one, Dotcad partners with you, leveraging our DC technology partner offerings and services, to automate, optimize and transform your Data Centers.

Data Center Infrastructure Automation

Daily IT tasks, such as managing compliances, patch management and image management consume clock cycles of your IT teams and are expensive. Automating these daily tasks ensures compliance and an error free environment. This unique consulting and delivery service helps you to automate your daily IT tasks and frees your team for more innovative projects.

Packaged Consulting

There is a need for advice from technology experts on a variety of IT issues.. A quick turnaround is required with no time to waste on scoping documents, RFQs, negotiations etc. Our wide catalogue of packaged consulting services, are delivered as a product (with a part no.) with pre-defined scope backed by subject matter experts. Some examples of such packages include, cross platform data migration, DR consulting and implementation and SAP HANA migration and implementation.

Proactive Care

Move from reactive care (respond to an event after it has occurred) to proactive care. This specialised services offering on our infrastructure solutions, ensures uptime and efficiencies in managing your IT infrastructure. These services ensure that you are not disrupted by unplanned down times.


Market Speak

“……..the team at Dotcad are the right blend of Technical Expertise, Geo Knowledge and Customer Care. A winning combination and a timeless business model for our industry !!”

Market Speak

“ A technology vendor who implements/uses the various solutions before selling it in the market speaks volumes of their commitment & maturity. Known for "excellent" customer relationships……”

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A new category of infrastructure that accelerates application delivery in both traditional and new IT environments.

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A new category of infrastructure that accelerates application delivery in both traditional and new IT environments.

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